Pressworks Printing, Santa Ana, California

Sheila Gershwin and her husband of 43 years Hershel have been involved in the printing business for decades. They started out in Santa Ana as a prep house, doing what was known as the stripping of film together for the purpose of printing.

With the advent of computers being used for graphic design in the early to mid 1980′s the profession of stripping went away. At this time they bought their Heidelberg printing presses and became a true print shop. Now that digital printing presses have come in to the market their focus has shifted again. By being printing brokers they can offer you, the print consumer, the most competitive pricing on your printing.

Pressworks Printing in Orange County, California can handle the printing of brochures, multi-page booklets, flyers, business cards, CD & DVD packages, Stationery, Envelopes, Newsletters, Post Cards, Annual Reports, Catalogs, Announcements, Door Hangers, Presentation Folders, Custom 3-ring Binders, Computer Checks, Continuous Forms (NCR), Banners, Yard Signs, Rubber Stamps, Labels, Stickers, Magnets, Wedding Invitations, Holiday Cards and Promotional Items.

They also offer the following bindery services: Folding, Scoring, Saddlestiching, Embossing, Foiling, Diecutting and 3-Hole Drilling.

There is no job too large or too small so call Sheila Gershwin at 714.274-9524 or visit them at for more information.

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