January 29, 2009 Meeting

First showboater: Chris Tait, Travelcom. Chris told us how the travel industry is one of the first to feel downturns in the economy, but they’ve recently had uptick, probably due to the great deals that are currently out there. For example, the dollar is at an all-time high versus the Peso in Mexico. If you like all-inclusive deals and have about a week, Cancun is a steal right now. Otherwise, the west coast of Mexico, Mazatlan and Cabo can be visited for a few days. Hawaii is also a great place to visit now, with airfare costing less than $300 to go to Maui or Honolulu. Give Chris a call today at 714-841-4540!

Second showboater: John Thomas, John Thomas Painting. Right now is a great time to paint. If you’re trying to sell a property, fresh paint really boosts your curbside appeal and get a leg up on other properties that are for sale. Especially since so many properties are distressed and don’t look great. Painting helps neighborhood appeal and makes a property look good. John and his guys can do anything from entertainment centers to cabinets, so give him a call today at 714-968-5692!

First speaker: Judy Bartel, Alex Moving and Storage. Judy said her company felt the housing downturn first. People who have their homes foreclosed don’t use full service movers. She mentioned how moving the third most stressful event in our lives (after death and divorce). One thing that makes it hard for couples is that men typically only care about a few things while the women worry about everything. Full-service moving means that you can specify how much or how little they will pack up for you. Take the headache out of moving! You can pack your own underwear and valuables while you leave everything else to the crew that comes out, takes a full inventory, and assigns inventory numbers to everything! The guys who do the labor are always great and the crews get lots of compliments. They are fully insured and you’d be surprised at what a great experience a reputable full-service mover can be. They can move one room or an office building. Call Judy today at 714-321-8687!

Second speaker: Scott Macklin, Darrel Whitehead CPAs. Darrel grew up in Southern California but met his wife in Nashville. He understands that accounting is a necessary evil and helps his clients out as much as possible. He enjoys the problem solving aspects of his work and is a techie. Because there are always new tax laws, it’s good to have a qualified advisor on your side before your write that big check or sell equipment. Scott gave us some tips on saving some money with your CPA, such as keeping organized! Don’t pay a firm to figure out that big mess of receipts. Take half an hour and organize it before you come in to the office. Always do your company and personal at the same time since you may be able to save between the two filings. Also, don’t hire on retainer, you only need to pay for what is done. Do as much as you can electronically to make it easier for your CPA to work with your numbers. Quicken has a free version that supports up to 20 customers, and Microsoft has a free version with their Office suite that supports much more. If you do decide to use accounting software, make sure your CPA supports it. Darrel Whitehead CPAs supports both, so call Scott today at 714-841-0995!

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